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He'd never recalled feeling quite this bored.
Like, seriously.

Sitting in the kitchen, his knife was on the table, point to the wooden surface first as he balanced it between the table and his index finger, his head resting on one hand that leaned against the table.
This somewhat normal position however was broken by the fact that all around him were various strings hung in the air going every which way through the kitchen leaving virtually no spot left untouched.

He sighed and glanced up looking sulky.
"I never thought being stuck in a peaceful place would be so... so... irritating!  Jeez I almost wish a hunter was here!"  He grumbled feeling annoyed.

He almost missed it, the constant feel of being hunted, the surge of adrenaline from knowing his life was in danger, the feel of companions at his back as they looked death in the eye and laughed.
Oh who the hell was he kidding, he definitely missed it.  As sick and twisted as it was, well... he wasn't one of the Blade Children for nothing he supposed.

((ooc: The strings lead to traps. o.o  FYI.))

[Beginning to Make Amends - Open to Namine]

It had been a little while since he'd ventured back inside, having been rather occupied out in the gardens with a project he had started - but it was all but completed, now, and he had a reason for venturing back into the madhouse... 

He wasn't certain where he'd find Namine, but he had no doubt in his mind that he'd find her; he'd left this far too long, and it was time to remedy that. Besides... he'd missed her, in a strange sort of way; before the fiasco that had been Castle Oblivion, they'd gotten along fairly well... before he'd gone and ruined all that. It wasn't going to be easy to erase the last of Namine's doubt in his intentions, but he certainly intended to try... it was really the least he could do, after all was said and done. 

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Ow.... just... ow....

Shit, that motherfucker knew how to fight... damn it...

Um.... I'm kind of confined to my room, and I'm out of a lot of medic supplies.... if anyone knows someone else in the building... Unfortunately my skills at healing are caput since I used up all my energy....

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Picnic in the Garden

Characters: Rikku and OPEN
Setting: Kitchen
Rating: Hoping to keep it PG

Rikku was in the kitchen, whipping up some sandwiches to pack away for lunch. She was feeling like a trip to the garden, just to enjoy the fantastic weather they'd been having recently, so she decided to have lunch out there. After searching the refrigerator, the young Al Bhed found everything she needed to make egg salad sandwiches. Finishing those, she put them into a basket and went back to the frige to grab a few drinks. She had made enough to for a few people to eat, in case anyone wanted to join her.

Heading out of the kitchen, Rikku headed outside.
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(open to all)

Dante was bored. 
He has been wondering around this stupid house and finding nothing to do.
"Come on, you guys have to have some sorts of game room of something!!! Even volleyball in the pool wouldn't be so bad."
Dante yelled down the hallway to no one in particular.
Sighing he continue hoping to see someone.

(ooc; to new to have any emo plot going on between him and others so lets see if this helps. lol)
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(Open to Xemnas and Toushiro)

He was a touch concerned, upon hearing that Toushiro had fallen somewhat ill recently and afraid he might have been the cause of it, Saix now found himself outside the door to Xemnas and Toushiro's room, debating fiercely with himself whether to knock or not.

... well... nothing gained from cowardice.

So, he raised his hand, hesitated sparsely, then knocked with a few short yet firm raps on the door.

[ Preferably open to Jin]

Jr. sighed as he started going from room to room, looking in the cracks of each one of the door. No jin yet. Instead of continuing the search he decided on Posting a Memo for the elder to meet him in the garden. it'd been a while since he was outside anyways.
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[Open to anyone]

[ooc: Somebody play with the lonely Sephy. o.o]

Having discovered a lonesome and high up tower some time ago, that seemed relatively uninhabited due to the many stairs one had to climb to reach it, Sephiroth leaned against the dusty walls, caring little for the mold and mildew that was undoubtedly poisoning him.

He had to admit, the passing time in this household was becoming duller and duller, he hoped something interesting would happen soon.
Aside from that stupid little nobody conjuring up another maelstrom as he had done just recently.

Honestly, what was the point in soaking the entire house?  

So instead he fingered his Masamune which lay idly at his side as his wing flickered a bit.