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BO-RING. WITH A CAPITAL B! What happened to all the noise? The fun? The... the excitement?

Well anyway, welcome new guys, beware old ones, we all know what happens when Demyx gets bored!!

And since I haven't had much chance to use my powers lately... hee hee hee.... can't hurt to make a little interesting weather, could it? *grins*

A couple thunderstorms here, some hail there, a bit of a tsunami in the pool... livens up the place right?

Hee! ^_^

(OOC: Basically everywhere is now a weather wet disaster. Floors are slippery, outside is a mudpit, and leaking is the worst of your problems, just think of all that soaked anime hair! If you don't want to participate, obviously you could just say there are some areas Demyx hasn't soaked, library for one obviously, Demy respects the books! Private rooms as well, and the music room, Demyx loves the music room. I'm trying to liven the place up a bit. ^^; )
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