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[Beginning to Make Amends - Open to Namine]

It had been a little while since he'd ventured back inside, having been rather occupied out in the gardens with a project he had started - but it was all but completed, now, and he had a reason for venturing back into the madhouse... 

He wasn't certain where he'd find Namine, but he had no doubt in his mind that he'd find her; he'd left this far too long, and it was time to remedy that. Besides... he'd missed her, in a strange sort of way; before the fiasco that had been Castle Oblivion, they'd gotten along fairly well... before he'd gone and ruined all that. It wasn't going to be easy to erase the last of Namine's doubt in his intentions, but he certainly intended to try... it was really the least he could do, after all was said and done. 

[ooc: I went ahead and started it~ Because I'm a dork and forgot to the other day. XP; Gomen?]
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