Kousuke Asazuki (twisted_spiral) wrote in giga_house,
Kousuke Asazuki

(Open to Anyone)

He'd never recalled feeling quite this bored.
Like, seriously.

Sitting in the kitchen, his knife was on the table, point to the wooden surface first as he balanced it between the table and his index finger, his head resting on one hand that leaned against the table.
This somewhat normal position however was broken by the fact that all around him were various strings hung in the air going every which way through the kitchen leaving virtually no spot left untouched.

He sighed and glanced up looking sulky.
"I never thought being stuck in a peaceful place would be so... so... irritating!  Jeez I almost wish a hunter was here!"  He grumbled feeling annoyed.

He almost missed it, the constant feel of being hunted, the surge of adrenaline from knowing his life was in danger, the feel of companions at his back as they looked death in the eye and laughed.
Oh who the hell was he kidding, he definitely missed it.  As sick and twisted as it was, well... he wasn't one of the Blade Children for nothing he supposed.

((ooc: The strings lead to traps. o.o  FYI.))
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