BO-RING. WITH A CAPITAL B! What happened to all the noise? The fun? The... the excitement?

Well anyway, welcome new guys, beware old ones, we all know what happens when Demyx gets bored!!

And since I haven't had much chance to use my powers lately... hee hee hee.... can't hurt to make a little interesting weather, could it? *grins*

A couple thunderstorms here, some hail there, a bit of a tsunami in the pool... livens up the place right?

Hee! ^_^

(OOC: Basically everywhere is now a weather wet disaster. Floors are slippery, outside is a mudpit, and leaking is the worst of your problems, just think of all that soaked anime hair! If you don't want to participate, obviously you could just say there are some areas Demyx hasn't soaked, library for one obviously, Demy respects the books! Private rooms as well, and the music room, Demyx loves the music room. I'm trying to liven the place up a bit. ^^; )
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[Open to Demyx and whoever he's planning on forcing upon Zex...o.o;;..]

~What could the blonde want this time?~ Zexion thought as he slowly made his way towards the library. Upon reaching the room he entered it silently and took a seat near a large pile of books. ~I don't think I've ever been in this room... Suprisingly.~ Glancing to a big book he quickly took it in hand and blew off the dust. "Through The Looking Glass?" He muttered curiously aloud. His voice seemed to echo in the deserted area.

Ah, quiet. Just the way he liked it. He opened the book and began reading a few words from the pages it held. He paused for a moment to let a thought cross him. ~I wonder what's taking so long... It's noon, so where is he?~ A sigh passed his lips and he looked back at the book and resumed reading.

(Ooc: Actually, I think this should be open to whoever wants to annoy Zexion's "reading session". Sooo... Feel free to bother him! xD)
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(Open to any)

As the light from the teleportation spell faded, Raenef looked around his new surroundings. Why was he in a garden? It reminded him faintly of the garden back at his castle, which was comforting in its own way. The only problem was that he was supposed to be in the demon realm, not in some unknown place. The young demon lord sat down against a tree, drawing his knees up to his chest with an unhappy expression, “Eclipse is going to be mad at me…again.”


That's weird... I coulda sworn I just left to get some groceries and...
Uh... was I kidnapped or something?

Well... can anyone tell me where I am?  To say I'm a little lost is a bit of an understatement, this doesn't look like Japan at all...

[Open to Any]

Toushiro hated to sacrifice proper posture, but these chairs were just damned impossible, and besides... he was scared.

Things like this never went well for Shinigami, ever.

So with a resignated sigh he slumped over the table, lying his feverish forehead on the cool wooden surface as his eyes tiredly roamed over the stacks of books in shelves from where he sat in a small corner of the library.

Perhaps it was time to relocate.
.... but that required energy. Crap.

Toushiro mumbled something unintelligible and buried his face into the table reaching for yet another tissue, the floor around him already littered with the wet soggy napkins.
"I hate being sick!" He muttered venomously.

[ooc: I felt the need to make him sick, it's amusing! For the record, I plan on making this the flu, and we all know the flu is contagious, if you want your character can catch it... forcing their friends or lovers to take care of them... haha. XD Oh Xemmmy...... :3]
popularity contest

[open to all]

The really convenient thing about living in a magical, semi-sentient house, Hanatarou decided, was the way you never seemed to run out of anything you needed. And when you were trying new recipes as part of your ongoing attempts to learn how to cook, you would find that, if you looked carefully, all of the necessary ingredients (no matter how obscure) were already present, neatly put away, and at an appropriate level of freshness.

The rice was patiently cooking in the rice cooker, the miso soup was on the stove (it had taken several ruined batches and a number of tries over a period of a few weeks, but his miso soup was now completely edible-- even pretty okay, especially if you liked miso to begin with), and he was busy making egg salad for the sandwiches that were to be the main course. (He had figured he should try to branch out from just Japanese food. The idea that egg salad sandwiches with rice and miso was a bit of an odd, redundant combination didn't occur to him.)

Habitually, he tried to make enough for at least four people. Not only did most recipes serve about that many to begin with, one never knew when one of the house's other residents might wander in and be in the mood for lunch. :O

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(Open to Toushiro) EDIT: Finished.

Well granted this wasn't the most particularily brilliant thing he had ever done in his life.
It had seemed like such a good suggestion at the time (albeit the suggestion had been made as a joke).
.... Saix sighed.
Memo to self: Never crack a joke with potential at Xemnas.  
... then again him making a joke at all was enough to warrant a physical and a brain scan.
Well this was certainly off topic...

Rounding a corner in a slow and content walk he gazed around the hall with cold and calculating eyes, searching.
But that brought him back to his first problem.
He didn't know what the bloody child looked like!
Raising a hand to his temple he sighed elegantly as he rubbed the throbbing vein.
This was rather problematic.

Then he realized the movement was far too close to that of Marluxia and dropped his hand immediately.
Damn influences...

(OOC: Summary, He's looking for Toushiro and having some mental problems.  Wow, should've just said that. XD)
That damn shirt he never wears

When There's a Bored Duo, There's Trouble

Alright. Enough was enough. Heero had even told him to go and find something to do. So, through the wreckage that was currently the kitchen, he collected the package of garbage bags from the kitchen, and bottle of oil. Next, a location. He picked the hall connecting to the sliding glass door that lead outside, near the garden. He didn't quite trust the outside, so while grabbing the hose he needed, he rushed.

He set his supplies down and surveyed the hallway. Nothing in the way. Fantastic, less work. It'd so be worth any work though. He started pulling out trash bags and smoothing them out flat in a line, the entire way down the hallway. Next came the hose. He stepped outside, turned it on, and quickly ran in to grab it and stop up the water with his thumb. He wet down all the bags, soaking them until content before going to turn off the hose once more.

Next, the oil came into play. He stripped down to his boxers and slicked up his stomach with the bottle's contents. He grinned to himself, pleased, before stepping back against the wall for a running start.


He shouted and ran, diving and sliding stomach first down the hallway with a swift sound following him.

Oh yes, he had found this afternoon's entertainment.
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