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Giga House

You never know what will happen

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The Giga House
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Sure there are RPs floating around everywhere on LJ, but every one is unique. You have stumbled upon the Giga House. The house is a place where characters from video games/animes are forced to come together and live under one roof. It's bound to be insanity.

The Rules:
1. PLAY NICE. Please don't get into fights with other muns. I don't care what the reason for disliking the person is, IM them on your own time. Don't spam the comm or their journals, kthx.
2. GET A JOURNAL. Every character has to have a journal. It's not a requirement that you friend character journals, but it makes things more fun and lets characters interact with each other :D
3. YAOI/YURI/WHATEVER. As there are so many types of characters, yaoi/yuri/het/etc. is okay. If you're not cool with it, please don't join. And if your character's love interest doesn't want anything to do with him/her, deal with it.
4. UPDATE. I don't want to hound on this, but please participate as much as you can.
5. HAVE FUN. This is not supposed to be taken seriously, so don't act as if it should be.
6. OOCness. This is acceptable. Don't abuse this privilege or I'll take it off the rules.
7. SEX SCENES. This is gonna obviously happen. You can keep logs if you want, or not. It isn't required, but if you post logs in the community, please put a friend lock on it.
8. CHARACTER LIMIT. At this time, I'm going to have a limit of four characters per person. It is your responsibility to keep track of all your characters. Please don't take four if you can't handle it. Picking up additional characters wil be handled at the mun's discretion. If you feel you can handle more than one or two, by all means apply for them. But don't take a character if you aren't going to use them, please.
9. Any RP scenes can be posted on the comm. If it's through a messenger service then stick it up all at once with an LJ cut and proper warnings attached. If it's through comments then put something in the subject to alert other players not involved to not post.

How to Play:
After you've been accepted, you create a journal for your character and start to play. Posts on the comm can be in first person or third, depending on the player and the plot. Posts in your journal will be like a normal journal, but unless it's under an LJ cut marked "Private" it's going to be read, so take care.

How to Join:
You email me (SeraphJewel) at seraphgal[at]yahoo[dot]com. Make the subject line "Giga House" so I know what it's about. Then send me the following info:

Name: (aliases are fine)
Character: (who you want to play)
Series/Game: (self explanatory)
Sample Post: (make this long enough for me to get an idea of your style and your character's personality)

That's all you need to do. I want to make sure you have an idea of the character's personality, and that you can write a sentence. I'm an English major, so please use proper grammar and all that jazz. Once you have been approved, make the character journal and sign in under this post as that journal so I can add you. See the Taken Character list for accepted fandoms. If the one you want isn't on the list, email me and I'll still probably give you a chance.

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